Subtitler:Export List Tool

The export functions now have been placed from the submenus into a windows. This allows to define options depending on the list formats. First you define the Subtitler document which you want to export. Then you define the List Format. Then you have some options depending on the format.

Then you click first on the Preview button and then on the Export button.

The following formats are supported:

Export Adobe Encore DVD
Export Adobe Encore Image
Export Avid DS
Export Bluray BND
Export Cinetyp Timecode
Export Digital Cinema Distribution Master
Export DLP Cinema
Export DVD Architect Pro
Export EBU STL binary
Export EBU Arte
Export EDL CMX 3600
Export EDL Premiere
Export FAB
Export Final Cut Pro XML
Export QuickTime SMIL
Export QuickTime SMIL Text exporters
Export QuickTime Text
Export SAMI
Export Scantitling
Export SoftNI SUB
Export Sonic Producer
Export Sonic Scenarist
Export Spruce Maestro
Export STL Graphic
Export STL Text
Export Subrip
Subtitler 1.1
Export Substation Alpha
Export Text
Export Text without comments
Export Timed Text