Subtitler:Spotting Tool

The Spotting Tool adds some complex functions which are needed to manage the spotting of subtitle documents. The Tools applies by default to a new file, so you can check what you have done (if you do not want that, uncheck Create New File).

Offset Timecode

Offset all timecodes (or only from selected titles). You can enter positive and negative frame numbers (up to 99) or positive and negative timecode values. Applying an offset of 0 can sometimes be useful to fix badly formatted timecode.

Change Framerate

Allows you to change the framerate of the spotting. You can preserve the duration in time or the framecount. After importing a titlelist or after spotting, you may need sometimes to translate the framerate of the timecode. For example, you get a list in NTSC you want to use in PAL (change from 29.97 DF to 25 with constant time). Or you have a list in 24fps, but the film is now running at 24 fps (change from 24 to 25 with constant framecount).
Note: Calculation with constant time is subject to rounding errors.
Note: The framerates in this tool are independent from the framerate set in the movie section.

Reference point in Spotting Tool Change Framerate command: When you change the framerate, you are doing this sometimes with a timecode value that should stay the same in both framerates. For example, you want the programm start at 01:00:00:00 for both framerates. In this case, indicate a reference TC for the command.

Add or remove /file comments

If you have started without /file comments, you can still add them for the entire document.

Update timecode

If you have spotted a subtitler file, then changed the spotting in your Avid, you can update the subtitler file. Export the Avid spotting as EDL, import it into Subtitler and use it as reference. The tool will update the timecodes of all titles which have the same /file comment.
Remove unreferenced titles: If you check this option, titles not appearing in the reference list are removed and the list is sorted by timecode

Remove flash subtitles

Subtitle bureaus sometimes add subtitles of 0 or 1 frame duration for synchronisation like "** scene change **". The command in the tool allows to remove them.