Subtitler:Handling Languages

The files and the text handling of Subtitler is based on Unicode. This means that the program supports all writing systems installed on your system. It uses the fonts installed on your system. A Subtitler document is limited to one font, but some fonts like Lucida Grande on the Macintosh even support multiple writing systems, so you may have arabic on a first line and english on the second line.
Note: Character spacing is disabled for Non-Roman fonts and simple and smart wrap work only on langauges with spaces (eg not in chinese and japanese)

If you subtitle a film in multiple languages, it may be useful to create one master list with a common spotting for all languages. This way will simplify specially subtitling in the Avid. You will have to edit the titles only once and then simply decompose-batch import for the additional languages.

Spot and transcribe the film in the original language. Then send this file to each of the translators. The translators will comment out the transcription and add the translated line. Comment out is simply adding a slash / before the line. This line will then not be displayed.

/file 0345
/tc 01:00:05:02 01:00:07:24
/In this building behind me I spent
/over 70 nights and most days ...
In diesem Haus hinter mir
verbrachte ich mehr als 70 Tage und Nächte
/file 0346
/tc 01:00:08:03 01:00:09:20
/during the war which lasted 77 days. 
während des 77-tägigen Krieges.
/file 0347
/tc 01:00:11:00 01:00:13:12
/No problem. I love to talk about
/these things if you don't mind.
Kein Problem. Ich spreche gerne darüber, 
wenn es dich nicht stört.

Note: If you work with multiple languages, absolute file reference with a /file comment is very useful. You do not have to add these file comments all by hand after a spotting. Use the Add File Comments command in the Spotting Tool.
Note: If you work with a master list, take into account that some languages need more characters for the same sentences like the others. If you are already quite out of space in english, you will need to abbreviate a lot to get the french text into the line.