Belle Nuit Subtitler cannot directly export a movie with burned in subtitles. You need an external video editing application to edit the subtitle into the movie.

However you can use the following workflow to export an MPEG4 movie with subtitles from Belle Nuit Subtitler.

Download ffmpegX for Macintosh from the website
This is a shareware that costs you 15 USD.
This application has one window with several tabs.

Export workflow

  1. Export the title list from Subtitler as Subrip with ISO Latin 1 text encoding
  2. Click the Open button in ffmpegX to select the original movie
  3. Define a name for the exported movie in the Save as field
  4. Select in the Video tab the video codec H264 [.MP4] mencoder. Set video bitrate and video size at your wishes. Set Autosize to your aspect ratio or Unconstrained. Verify the Framerate.
  5. Check in the Filters tab the VOB Subtitles.
  6. Click the Load subs button and select the exported Subrip file.
  7. Set Font and position at your wishes. The default position 80 is probably too high. Try 90 or 100.
  8. Check in the Options tab the Two-pass-encoding to get better compression.
  9. Encode


The exporting is quite fast with recent computers. It implies however a recompression of the image and the sound. Choose therefore carefully your bitrate.

Unfortunately, the better x264 encoder who proposes also quality based compression settings does not support burned in subtitles in ffmpegX.

You have no control on the style of the subtitles except font and size. You cannot have italics. However, the rendering is quite good with a border.