Subtitler:Full Screen Tool

The Full Screen tool presents the Preview as full screen on the computer. This allows to do soft subtitling, eg. subtitling a film with a video projector. The window is black and the subtitle at the top, so that the videoprojector does overlap the filmprojector only partially. The Full Screen shows the subtitles only as they are rendered in the Preview, eg. white on black.

The subtitle file must have timecode comments. The Full Screen window works as a player with keyboard control. On the bottom, you can see some status messages: On the left, the current timecode and the speed, on the right the text and timecode of the next title to be displayed.

The following keys control the Full Screen

The starting timecode position is the position of the movie, if a movie is available. If there is no movie, it is the selected title in the titlelist.

You have two methods to command the titles.

To close the Full Screen Tool, use the close box or the menu command File:Close.