Subtitler:Avid Helper Tool

Note: This is an advanced feature that requires an experienced Avid editor.

The Avid Helper tool allows you to automate the editing of the subtitles into the clips imported with the EDL. This tool automates the editing of the subtitles with a keyboard macro "S T ESC B S ESC" repeated for each subtitle.

  1. Import the EDL of the subtitles and edit it into track V2 (or higher) of your film.
  2. Import subtitles in a new Bin.
  3. Clear the timeline and create a sequence "all subtitles" with all subtitles.
  4. Load the sequence "all subtitles" into the source monitor, activate track V1 only and go to the beginning.
  5. Load your film into the record monitor. Connect V1 from source to V2 and activate V2 only.
  6. Type the number of subtitles into this window.
  7. Place the timeline cursor before the first subtitle and click on the record monitor.
  8. Click on the run button of this window.

Note: You may need to adjust the pause between edits if the Avid is not responsive enough.
Note: The tool will not work if you make subtitles without a minimal distance of 1 frame between the subtitles.
Note: This tool does only work correctly if the keyboard settings for the keys B, S, T and ESC are the default Avid setting.
Note: This tool communicates via the keyboard. It can be disturbed if Avid saves automatically during the execution. We recommend therefore to set the autosave interval enough high: Go to the Settings, Bin and duplicate the Bin setting. Set Auto-Save interval to 10 minutes. Set Inactivity period to 30 seconds. Set Force Auto-Save to 60 minutes. Finally, save just before you start the macro.