Subtitler:User Guide

Subtitling is a complex workflow with the intervention of translators, spotters, video editors, DVD authoring artists and subtitling labs. This workflow depends on the organization of your postproduction.

Belle Nuit Subtitler creates the subtitles from a subtitle list which can be created either directly within Subtitler or imported from an external file. Each subtitle consists of one or two lines of text and can contain the spotting information: the timecode the subtitle starts and ends. The subtitles are then exported as image files on one side and as a list on the other side to be edited in a video or DVD authoring application.

Belle Nuit Subtitler adapts to many possible workflows:

The Subtitler document can be used as a master document for subtitling. During subtitling, you may have to do many corrections and fine tuning of both the text and the spotting. If you update your subtitler document with these corrections, you can use the same subtitler file to create subtitles for multiple targets:

Testing is important: As you have to interact with people external to your postproduction suite, you will need to test the workflow. Send testfiles before you start. If you have a file format you cannot read, send it to us to As a matter of fact, most import and export formats we add have been requested by Subtitler users.