Subtitler:File Format

Subtitler files are well formed XML files with text-encoding UTF-8. From the UTF-8 characterset, control characters (asc 0-31) may not be used in the file except TAB (asc 9), LF (asc 10) and CR (asc 13). Preferred line-ending is CR, but a reader must support all variants (CR, LF, CRLF).

The root node xmldict contains an array of key-value pairs which can be in any order. The keys have the tag key and are strings containing letters and numbers, but no spaces. The values can have various tags depending on their type:

Following the structure of the subtitler nodes

creationdate: date

Titellist format

The titlelist is saved exactly as it is shown in the program. The titlelist is the source file to create the subtitles. Spotting, title-level style and filenaming are embedded within the titlelist and written directly by the users.

Subtitles are separated by double line endings.

Any line starting with slash / (except double slash) is a comment. All other lines are textlines. Only the first two lines are processed.
Note: Because of simple and smart wrapping, a single line in the titlelist can already represent two lines of subtitles. In this case, only this line will be processed.

The following comments are processed:

In the subtitle text, also character-level styles are supported, using html-style tags.

Character level styles may not be nested.


The offline version of Belle Nuit Subtitler is available for download. Third party developers can open and save Subtitler files with this version without restrictions.

Format history

The current Subtitler file format was introduced with version 1.4 and replaced a binary format. The format is backwards and forwards compatible between all Subtitler versions with some restrictions: