Belle Nuit Subtitler

Program to spot, edit and render subtitles for video editing, DVD authoring and digital cinema. Translators can spot directly with a QuickTime movie and translate precisely. The subtitles can then be imported to Avid Media Composer, Avid Xpress, Avid DS and Final Cut Pro 7 for editing.

The same subtitles can be sent also to Adobe Encore DVD, Apple DVD Studio Pro, Sonic Producer and Sonic Scenarist for authoring. The subtitles can also be used for live subtitling on Texas Instruments Digital Cinema projectors. Belle Nuit Subtitler frees the video editors from repetitive work and from typo errors.

Subtitler is now open source and free. Download page


29.3.2016 Belle Nuit Subtitler goes open source Belle Nuit Montage announces the immediate end of sale of our software Belle Nuit Subtitler. The last build of the software is now available as a free download and the source code of the program is released under the GNU Lesser General Public License. Users with current licenses will get email support until 31.3.2017.

23.1.2013 Subtitler:Subtitlers On this page, subtitlers can offer their services

14.9.2012: Subtitler:Beta Beta 2.1 started

11.9.2012: Subtitler and DVDSP on Lion

2.8.2012: Subtitler and Mountain Lion

15.6.2012: Belle Nuit Montage releases Subtitler 2.0

15.6.2012: Belle Nuit Montage drops Windows support for Subtitler

11.6.2012: New workflow to export movie with burnt in subtitles Subtitler:ffmpegX

26.5.2012: IndieWire: How Do You Subtitle a Movie at Cannes? Henri Behar Explains All
Excellent article on subtitling: "The subtitle can have maximum two lines and 40 characters -- less than one tweet."