Subtitler:Movie section

You can import a movie (menu File:Import Movie) to spot subtitles with Belle Nuit Subtitler. The movie is shown as half size of the video format. You can play the movie, set in and out points, define new titles and trim, split and join existing titles. When you are in synchronize mode, the Preview and the Titlelist are updated while the movie plays. On the other side, the movie is updated, when you select a title in the Titlelist.

Set the Framerate of the movie. The framerate is independent of the actual framerate of the imported movie (which may be reduced like in the case of an MPEG4 file).

You can set a Timecode Offset. For all new spotted titles this offset is added to the movie position to create the timecode comment. Choose this offset at the beginning.
Note that for STL export, you can set the preferences to ignore that offset.
Note that 23.98 is in the list, but it does not work in 1.7.8. Use 2.0 beta if you need 23.98

The Synchronize checkbox synchronizes the movie with the Preview window and the Titlelist. Use the ESC-key to jump between the movie and the titlelist.

The movie is entirely driven by the keyboard:

You can also navigate the movie on the Timeline. The upper timeline shows the position of the titles if the Synchronize option is active. The lower timeline shows 8 seconds of titles with an audio waveform, mark in, mark out and colored lines for existing titles.

The color of the subtitle line does indicate the reading speed. If the color is green, the reading speed is correct to the reading speed you define in the preferences (12 characters by second as default). If it is red, it is more than 20% too fast, if it is blue, it is more than 20% too short.
Note: No waveform is shown for videos with muxed tracks.

Note: If you use a reference movie, it may happen that a referenced file has disappeared. In this case you will get a QuickTime error. You can choose the File:Remove Movie menu to remove the movie from the Subtitler file and to remove the error message.

Note: Final Cut Pro movies do not step properly with the arrow keys. If you export a movie from Final Cut Pro, you should not export a Final Cut Pro movie (FCP icon), but a generic QuickTime movie (QT icon).