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"After using your software for one day I have to say that this is one of the coolest film tools I've ever used -- even after eight years of operating Inferno. An incredible time saver. I never thought subtitling would be fun, and with your software it actually is!"
Brad Scott

"Just a quick note to let you know that your Belle Nuit Subtitler program was a great help. Nicely designed and saved a tremendous amount of time. I'd highly recommend it to others."
David Edwards

"I've been using your (registered) Subtitler for the Mac and love it. What used to take me three days of mind-numbing work now takes me less than a day. Thanks for making your program available and so robust! It's awesome!"
Kevin Triplett, Austin (Texas)

"I have to tell you I love this programme. I was able to subtitle half an hour of material and produce a finished tape in just two or three hours."
Paul Eedle from Out There News

"We just finished our first DVD in Belle Nuit Subtitler 1.7. It worked like a charm with the new features. It looked terrific!"
Duco Tellegen from Foundation Dovana Films

"Thank you! I have been searching for a program like this for some time. This seems like it is in fact going to save a lot of time."
Michael Strout from

"Belle-Nuit has made an industry out of subtitling and been loyal to Mac Avid and FCP users."
Loren Miller on the LAFCPUG (Los Angeles Final Cut Pro User Group) forum

"I have recently received tons of questions regarding subtitling and programs to use. I just played with your subtitler and love the interface. Nice and simple. I would love to recommend your app since it is affordable and supports XML. I think you have a great app and I will try and show it when I can. Thanks again for your hard work."
Adam Green
Final Cut Pro Lead Trainer
Pro Video Applications Training

"Thanks a lot for the beautiful program (even if I think it is much too expensive - but there is only one subtitling program so you are monopolist ;-) )"
Andrzej Kowalski

"Subtitles are a major problem for Final Cut Pro and Avid because neither has built in support. Belle Nuit Subtitler works around the host limitations by creating subtitles as individual still image files, from an entry list. The titles are imported into the host and laid out on the timeline or TitleList Converter is used to create an EDL that imports the text files to timecode as well as convert subtitles from other software formats.
With increasing demand for subtitling, particularly on government projects, Belle Nuit Subtitler is a good tool to have in your toolkit - or to know about when the need arises."
DV Guys on

"This a great little program. I'm doing a 60 min piece now that will air on PBS next April - and needed a fair number of subtitles. Of course I have the complementary suite of tools - AI, PS, AE - and FCP, but managing all the pict files and/or layers for a subtitling project in ANY of these programs would be quite a task. BN Subtitler has one window for all your titles - you can name and comment them from the same window - and the output with 1 unit of blur actually looks better than PS or FCP (unless of course you blur there, but then you have the hassle of layer managment and type setting). Put it this way, $89 sounds like a lot, but sometimes work flow is more important than cash. When the client gets here, I'm convinced this program will make things much, much easier. In fact, they can download the program - use the Offline version and type them up - then just email me the file. Or just save text out from Word. It imports all the text you'll need. Only suggestion - and hence the 4 stars - I really, really want to be able to spit out the frame via Firewire to my monitor (it has a decent preview, but NTSC, is NTSC). I would give 4.5 if I could... Good job - and Beautiful Night to you..."
j3ph on Versiontracker

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