Subtitler:Why is the textfile I import not readable

Why is the textfile I import not readable?

Belle Nuit Subtitler supports import for basic textfiles. This includes texftiles with tabs (one tab field, one line) or with lines (one double paragraph as title separator).
The textfile must be a real textfile encoded in Unicode UTF-8 which is to become the native format of many text editors. If your textfile is MacRoman or ANSI, you need to open it in TextEdit and convert it to Unicode UTF-8.
Subtitler does not import RTF files. Open them first in TextEdit and save them as straight textfile (.txt) in the Unicode UTF-8 textencoding.
Subtitler does not import Word files. Unfortunately Word saves only in Unicode UTF-16, so this will result in an empty file in Subtitler. Copy-paste them directly into a new Subtitler document.