Subtitler:I have exported XML to Final Cut Pro but it does not reconnect

I have exported XML to Final Cut Pro, but it does not reconnect. Also, the clips on the timeline are not stills.

You have to export the TIFF files first and then export the XML file. If the Export folder is not defined, the path will not be included in the XML file. And if the TIFF file is not available during XML import in FCP, FCP decides that it is a clip and not a still. You can however still reconnect the media: Select all titles, do the menu command File:Reconnect Media, select Offline and Select Files manually (to avoid FCP from scanning the entire harddisk), then in the file dialog, set the Show popup-menu to Still Image Files and navigate to point to the first TIFF file. Select Reconnect all files with relative path to let find FCP the others. You will now also see in the timeline that the property of the clip changed from Clip to Still.