Subtitler:Can I use Subtitler with Final Cut Pro

Can I use Subtitler with Final Cut Pro?

Yes, you can. It works flawlessly on DV or digital video projects (720*576 or 720*480 pixels). Export your titles to TIFF-RLE. Drag them to your bin. You may adjust the alpha-settings of the clip-property to get proper transparency. Depending your hardware, imported titles have to be rendered. Like internal titles, preview does flicker on 25% and 50% views, but this is related how FCP shows the image on the monitor and has no influence to the final output.
If you have a timecoded titlelist, you can import it into Titlelistconverter and export and EDL and a Subtitler file. The EDL has comments, so that you can batch import the video files. You will not need to edit the titles manually.