Subtitler:Sonic Scenarist

Belle Nuit Subtitler creates still image files, which can be used as subtitles for DVD authoring in Sonic Scenarist.

  1. Set the video format to PAL DVD or NTSC DVD.
  2. Set the file format to TIFF-DVD. This will create a TIFF with key colors white, red, blue, black.
  3. Export the subtitles.
  4. Export an SST Scenarist file. The filelist format has a field for the absolute path of the subtitles: Note the path now if you know it already or set it later manually using a texteditor.
  5. Import the SST file into Scenarist.
  6. Adapt the Scenarist color palette using the RGB values in the SST file (open it in a text editor).