Subtitler:Import Titracode

The Titracode program writes textfiles with tags starting with a period. All subtitles start after the keyword :DONNEES:. Subtitler recognized the tags .NUM_ST., .DEBUT_ST., .FIN_ST. and .TEXTE.. The other tags are ignored. The spotting information is in feet and frames, currently recognized as 35mm (1 feet = 16 frames).

Feet.Frames notation:

.NUM_PLAN.2 .NUM_ST.0002
.DEBUT_ST.02899-01 .FIN_ST.02904-12
.TEXTE.In this building behind me I spent
.TEXTE.over 70 nights and most days ...
.NUM_PLAN.3 .NUM_ST.0003
.DEBUT_ST.02905-00 .FIN_ST.02908-10
during the war which lasted 77 days.