Subtitler:Import STL Text

This format is supported by Apple DVD Studio Pro 2. There is one title per line, fields separated by comma. The first field contains the starting, the second the ending time code, the rest the titles. If the title contains more than one line, the lines are separated by a "|".
Note: The formatting lines starting with "$" are ignored. The inline formatting tags are translated in style tags to be used with Subtitler 1.6.

10:07:49:22 , 10:07:53:15,10 , In this building behind me I spent | over 70 nights and most days
10:07:53:19 , 10:07:57:00,10 , during the war which lasted 77 days.

Note: There is a text format STL (used by Apple DVD Studio Pro) and a binary format STL (used by european broadcast stations Import EBU STL Binary). Use the EBU converter for the binary format.