Subtitler:Import Power Subtitling

Textfiles exported by the Power Subtitling program. (Be sure that it is a text file and not a word file). Titles always have four lines. The first line contains title number, starting and ending timecode. The second and the third line contain the text and the fourth line is always empty.

0001) 02:18:45:17 02:18:48:04 Duree :02:12 Lisibilite :29
In this building behind me I spent
over 70 nights and most days ...
0002) 02:18:48:14 02:18:51:21 Duree :03:07 Lisibilite :39
during the war which lasted 77 days.
0003) 02:19:05:04 02:19:09:16 Duree :04:12 Lisibilite :53
No problem. I love to talk about
these things if you don't mind.