Subtitler:Import Eurolab2

This is a format from a film lab subtitling. Film is expected to be subtitled in 35mm in feet.frame notation.

The file is a RTF file. Subtitles are separated by REEL lines and lines with a single "@". A first line starting with "*" shows start and end in feet and frames. 35mm and 24fps are assumed. Because the file can have more than one reel, each reel has an offset of one hour. It's on you then to adapt timing to the real reel durations. Italices in RTF style are preserved.

*[TAB]00368.02-00373.00 00.00 11.0 1 0000 00 16-090-090 In this building behind me I spent 
over 70 nights and most days ...
*[TAB]00373.09-00380.00 00.00 11.0 1 0000 00 16-090-090 during the war which lasted 77 days.