Subtitler:Import EBU STL Binary Teletext

This format is essentially the same, but it also imports Teletext color codes for the title. Only one color code per title is imported, as you cannot have more than one color per title in Subtitler.

The vertical position of the titles is now imported into EBU Teletext as good as it is possible. But it works only correctly under certain conditions.
Some math: The Teletext layout as 23 lines. If you take the PAL format with 576 lines and remove 20% title save, then you get 460 lines, which makes 20 picture lines for one Teletext line. The Teletext line is defined for each subtitle line, but Belle Nuit Subtitler accepts only one vertical position of each title. So actually only the last line is read.
To get a correct translation, the vertical position in the Subtitler document has to be set to bottom title save (576- 10% = 519) and the vertical alignment has to be set to bottom.