Subtitler:Import and Export DVD Architect Pro

This format is a text file to import and export subtitle files (extension ".sub") for the Sony Programm DVD Architect Pro 5 and later.

The format is a simple tab fields with the fields title number (sequential in format 0000), TC in, TC out, text. The textencoding is not specified in the manual, it is probably Latin-1. Also, the manual does not specify how to encode two lines. You cannot know the framerate as it is not part of the file.

0001[TAB]00:02:03:04[TAB]00:02:06:10[TAB]In this building behind me I spent over 70 nights and most days ...
0002[TAB]00:02:07:00[TAB]00:02:09:18[TAB]during the war which lasted 77 days.

This format can also be easily used to export for Excel or to import from an Excel files after the columns have been arranged and it has been exported as tabbed text.