Compares and replaces text based on a regular expression


text regex pattern

regexreplace(text, pattern, replacepattern)


text: the text to be matched

pattern: any valid regular expression


columnlist: a comma separated list of valid names

replacepattern: replacing text as pattern, can catch subexpressions $1...

Regex cheat sheet

pattern description
. Any character
[a-z] Any character of set
[^a-z] Any character not in set
\d \D Digit, Not a Digit
\w \W Word character [a-zA-Z0-9_], Not alphanumeric
\s \S Space, Not space
\b \B Word boundary, Not word boundary
\ \n \r \t \f \- Newline, return, tab, formfeed -
(abc) Subexpression, can be captured as $1 in replacepattern
x? 0 or 1 x
x* 0 or more x
x+ 1 or more x
x+? 1 or more x, not greedy
x{i,j} i to j times x
a|b a or b
^ $ Beginning and end


Using the sample relation films.csv

read "films.csv"
select director regex "[Gg]od.*"

film director year
A bout de souffle Godard 1960
Pierrot le fou Godard 1965
Week-End Godard 1967

read "films.csv"
extend article regexreplace(film,"(s?)([Ll]e|[Dd]er|[Dd]ie)(s)","$1the$3")

film director year article
A bout de souffle Godard 1960 A bout de souffle
Tirez sur le pianiste Truffaut 1960 Tirez sur the pianiste
Cléo de 5 à 7 Varda 1962 Cléo de 5 à 7
Jules et Jim Truffaut 1962 Jules et Jim
Pierrot le fou Godard 1965 Pierrot the fou
Week-End Godard 1967 Week-End
Die verlorene Ehre der Katharina Blum von Trotta 1975 the verlorene Ehre the Katharina Blum
Der starke Ferdinand Kluge 1976 the starke Ferdinand
Sans toi ni loi Varda 1985 Sans toi ni loi


Bad regex pattern my crash the application

Use an webapp like regexpal to test patterns.

Reference: PCRE

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