My Journey to PostScript

In June 2023, I started to write an interpreter for PostScript, a rather surprising low level language. This blog tells the story of the adventure. The result is a web app that can render a subset of PlostScript to PNG, SVG and PDF.

Gallery some graphic experimentations
TinyPS what the interpreter can do and how you can install ist
Sandbox play with the interpreter
Exercices programming exercises

Book project

  • My own newspaper - How I got into typography
  • Engineering - my girlfriend had an HP calculator
  • Mac Laserwriter PageMaker - how I got into computers
  • 4 3 add 2 mul - Postscript as a programming language
  • Tokenize Evaluate - How to write a RPN interpreter in Javascript
  • 100 100 moveto 100 200 lineto stroke - Postscript as a graphic language
  • Scale rotate translate - Transform the user space
  • Render to canvas to PNG in Javascript
  • Render pixels from the ground - Fill algorithm
  • Draw curves form the ground - Bezier curve algorithm
  • Melting dots - Raster algorithm
  • Findfont scalefont setfont - Use fonts and which format
  • Render to SVG in Javascript
  • Render to PDF in Javascript
  • Get font outlines
  • Font metrics - align left and justify text
  • String handling - wrap paragraph of text
  • Transparency - extending Postscript
  • Unicode - extending Postscript
  • Back to paper with a plotter
  • Back to analog linocut printing