Old programs

These programs are not supported any more.
These files are compressed with StuffIt and encoded BinHex (*.sit.hqx). To decode the files, you need StuffIt Expander, which is available for Macintosh, Windows and Dos at http://www.aladdinsys.com/expander/index.html
The newer OS X Files are compressed as Disk Images (*.dmg). After download, they mount directly to the desktop.

Open Source DCP Player Proof of Concept This is a proof of concept that it is possible today to build a DCP player for Macintosh OSX 10.8 with open source tools. It explains you how to to install the necessary tools and how to use it. Open Source DCP Player Proof of Concept

xyz2rgb Video Filter The xyz2rgb filter is an ffmpeg Video filter that converts from XYZ to RGB Rec 709 color space. It can be used to transform the colors of JPEG2000 image files in a DCP. The xyz2rgb filter is an ffmpeg Video filter that converts from XYZ to RGB Rec 709 color space. It can be used to transform the colors of JPEG2000 image files in a DCP. xyz2rgb Video Filter

The Dual Key EffectYou maybe want to create your artwork in Pages or another page layout application or you may have an automatic workflow where the artwork is created from a database that cannot create pictures with alpha channel. If this is your case, then the Dual Key Effect is a solution for you. The Dual Key Effect

Bellevue The Bellevue codec is an experimental image compression codec. It takes concepts of transformation codecs and of subband coding, but based on a very simple algorithm. Unfortunately it is not very effective at the current state, but I publish it for demonstration Bellevue

TimeCode for Filemaker This plugin allows you to calculate with TimeCode values in Filemaker Pro Files. TimeCode is widely used in Film and Video postproduction. TimeCode for Filemaker

TCplus This is a calculator with integrated time code functions. It works with time code values in all common formats, as well as Keykode and feet and meter lengths of film. The calculator uses inverse polish notation (IPN), which is well known to users of HP calculators. TCplus

Belle Nuit Imagefilter Batch-processor of image sequences with a wide variety of filters.
http://www.belle-nuit.com/download/imagefilter100.dmg (for Macintosh OS X, english, 3.4 MB)
Printable Documentation: http://www.belle-nuit.com/download/imagefilter.pdf (53 pages, 350 KB)

Belle Nuit Textfilter Textfilter is a program to process text files using filters.
http://www.belle-nuit.com/download/textfilter100sit.hqx (for Power Macintosh, english. 1.3 MB)
Beta: http://www.belle-nuit.com/download/textfilter100win32beta.zip (for Windows 2000, english. 1004 KB)

Belle Nuit HTMLBook Compiles multiple HTMLPages into one printable PDF Document with custom header, footer and table of contents.
http://www.belle-nuit.com/download/htmlbook100.dmg (for Macintosh OS X, 940 KB)
Printable Documentation: http://www.belle-nuit.com/download/htmlbook.pdf (PDF, 10 pages, 212 KB)

Mimikri HD color correction: http://www.mimikri.ch

PDF Analyzer Analyse PDF files and export the source pictures.
http://www.belle-nuit.com/download/pdfanalyzer.sit.hqx (for Macintosh OS X, 900 KB)

qt2tif Commandline tool to convert QuickTime movies to TIFF sequences.
http://www.belle-nuit.com/download/qt2tif.exe (for Windows, command line tool, english, 147 KB)
Requirements: Windows 2000, QuickTime

TempFolderViewer View and delete the files of the temporary folder.
http://www.belle-nuit.com/download/tempfolderviewer.sit.hqx (for Macintosh, english, 376 KB)

MacMediaSift Tool to organize Avid mediafiles. Sift and copy mediafiles relative to a project or an Avid bin.
http://www.belle-nuit.com/download/macmediasift100.dmg (for Macintosh OS X, english, 1.5 MB)

MediaFolderManager (by Takamoto Sasahara) Program to manage multiple projects on one Avid.
http://www.belle-nuit.com/download/MediaFolderManager_MC7.hqx (1.1 MB)

Test de calcul
Logiciel de test des tables d'addition et de multiplication pour mon fils.
http://www.belle-nuit.com/download/testdecalcul.zip (for Macintosh (OS X), 2.5 MB)
http://www.belle-nuit.com/download/testdecalculw.zip (for Windows, 1.5 MB)

EDL Writer Program to produce and process edit-lists in video post-production.
http://www.belle-nuit.com/download/edl21D.xla.sit.hqx (deutsche Version, mit Hilfe 99 KB)
http://www.belle-nuit.com/download/edl21E.xla.sit.hqx (english version 77 KB)
http://www.belle-nuit.com/download/edl21F.xla.sit.hqx (version française 83 KB)

Convert FCP Logs to Avid ALE


REALbasic Classes

  • PrettyXML
  • RBScriptConsole
  • TimeCode
  • RtfParser
  • Belle Nuit Draw
  • RAMstream
  • UndoEngine
  • XCalc
  • Altivec
  • Porting REALbasic applications to Windows