Subtitler:Import Tempo

Tempo is a subtitling program from Cavena. A new title starts with a line with "#". The first lines contains title number, start, end, duration and format instructions. The second (and third) line contain the title text.
Note: Be sure to import a text file and not a Microsoft Word file.
Note: Cavena exports .cip files. These files are actually RTF files. Open them in TextEdit, make them Text only save them then as textfiles. You can then use TitleListConverter to read the textfile.

#00001[TAB]10:07:49.22[TAB]10:07:53.15[TAB]00:00:03.18[TAB]#F LL00000D0[TAB]#C
In this building behind me I spent
over 70 nights and most days ...
#00002[TAB]10:07:53.19[TAB]10:07:57.00[TAB]00:00:03.06[TAB]#F LL00000D0[TAB]#C
during the war which lasted 77 days.