Subtitler:Import Final Cut Pro Text Effect XML

This importer allows to recover the text and the timing of titles made with the Text Effect in Final Cut Pro 4. Formatting is not retained. Make a copy of your sequence and remove all tracks except the subtitle track. Export the sequence as XML file. The XML files are rather huge (10 KB per title) and the import process may be slow.
TitleListConverter will use the starting timecode from the XML file, but uses the framerate defined in TitleListConverter itself. If there is more than one track, all tracks are parsed, but the titles are not sortyed by timecode.
Note: This importer is only to recover titles made with Final Cut Pro. We do not recommend this practice. You should export a DV movie from FCP and spot and translate within Subtitler.
Note: This importer does only import "Text" effects, not "Lower 3rd" effects. If you have "Lower 3rd" effects, you need to preprocess the XML file in a text editor: Replace all "Lower 3rd" with "Text" and all "Str1" with "Str".