Subtitler:Import Cinetyp Film

Each reel is a line starting with: "ACT" , followed by the number of the act and the offset of the reel in framecount. There can be more than one reel in a file

Each title has a header line with the unique title number, a space, a framecount for the in, a space and a framecount for the out-point. The framecount can also be in feet:frames notation. It is then followed by one or two lines starting with a tabulator and the actual title text.

Following a valuable sample file (where represents a real tabulator):

ACT : 01 OFFSET : 000000
0001 000191 000321
< tab >BELLE NUIT MONTAGE presents
0002 000386 000432
< tab >Hier hat es keinen Staub.
< tab >Il n'y a pas de poussière.