Belle Nuit Montage releases Subtitler 2.0

Belle Nuit Montage relased today the new version 2.0 of Belle Nuit Subtitler. The new version adds over 25 new features which are mainly new import and export formats for the digital cinema distribution, for Bluray disks and for online video. It added also new framerates (23.98, 50, 59.94), new videoformats (2K), new filetypes (PNG) and new styles (center left). On the interface side, the waveform has been increased to see more detail and the program is more responsive on editing a lot of titles.

Belle Nuit Subtitler works on Macintosh with Intel and PowerPC processors using the OS 10.4 to 10.7. The single license costs 200 USD, the site license 800 USD. As usual, upgrades from previous versions are free.

Lausanne June 15th 2012

Belle Nuit Montage is a privately hold postproduction facility founded in 1995 and situated in Lausanne, Switzerland. During its existence, we have provided knowledge on digital editing and created many software programs for subtitling, managing time code and color grading.