Belle Nuit Montage drops Windows support for Subtitler

Belle Nuit Montage has decided to drop the support for Windows versions of the program. There are some new features we would like to integrate in Subtitler which are only possible on the Macintosh platform. With the time and the numerous versions of the Windows platform we do not use in our work, it has become also inefficient to test the windows versions and to provide support for Windows customers. Only 20% of the licenses have been sold for Windows versions.

A binary file of the new Subtitler version will be provided for the convenience of the Windows user, but it is unsupported. Windows user can sidegrade for free to the Macintosh version. Their serial number is valid for Subtitler 2.0.

Lausanne June 15th 2012

Belle Nuit Montage is a privately hold postproduction facility founded in 1995 and situated in Lausanne, Switzerland. During its existence, we have provided knowledge on digital editing and created many software programs for subtitling, managing time code and color grading.